Women’s Pro Insulated Hoody Employee Reviews

Written by: Isobella Ash

One of our Core Values here at Orvis UK is Pride of Ownership. Which means that we do not sell what we, ourselves, would not be proud to own. This is why we asked some of our employees to tell us the truth about why they love their new Women’s Pro Jacket.


Charlotte lives a busy life, she has to be many different people and be versatile throughout the day. Not only does she have to juggle her role here as a UK Ecommerce Manager but she also is a new mum and a dog owner. She needs clothing that is easily washed, warm and able to keep up with her fast-paced lifestyle. It needs to be comfortable and cosy for those chilly dog walks in the early mornings or late nights as well as being weatherproof in all eventualities. This is what she has to say about her experience:

“I never thought a lightweight jacket could be that warm!

When I was taking this jacket to Vermont I had my doubts, but its performance was unbelievable. Not only has it kept me warm when walking the dog Peg around the local lakes but also when walking in freezing temperatures in Vermont. It is now my go-to on those cold mornings. 

The fit was perfect, with great sleeve length and not restrictive at all which is great as I’m often juggling carrying my 1-year-old and walking the dog at the same time. The safety pocket is brilliant for storing my phone and keys so no need for a bag when going out for a family walk – which means one less thing to carry. The feel of the material is brilliant just the right amount of stretch, super soft and the insulated pockets kept my hands warm. It was great to have such a well-fitted hood, usually, hoods on me are far too big, but this was just right and if it happens to rain the water-resistant fabric means I don’t get wet.

I would definitely recommend this Jacket, the best feature to me was the warmth the weight ratio.”

Charlotte with her rescue dog Peg


Rachael Brady is the Orvis Fly Fishing Lady. When she’s not in the office doing her day job as the Orvis UK European Account manager she is on the water all over the UK or out in the countryside spending time with her two Labradors Monty and Beta. Rachael spends a lot of her time in Scottland in the colder months, so she really needs a hard-wearing jacket that keeps her warm for hours, practically days on the water without much break.

“I normally would never wear a ‘puffer’ or filled jacket, but this one is completely different. I don’t feel like the Michelin Man. Mine has been debuted on lakes, mountains, work meetings and dinners out – perfect!

In November I took a trip to the Cairngorms. Even with snow on the ground and the temperature below zero I would never have known, whilst wearing this jacket. Not only was I incredibly warm and toasty but it also kept me bone dry.

The fit was perfect, I am tall in the body, and it still covers my hips, without riding up or looking either too long or short. In fact, it felt like a second skin as I was hiking and didn’t impede any movements or restrict me doing anything.

The fleece-lined pockets ensured that when I was stood, I could keep my hands warm, which was a godsend! The outside upper pocket and inside internal pocket meant that my phone and cash were all secure, and the internal pocket ensured that no one could tell I had anything in there. It didn’t change the shape or fit of the jacket at all. Plus having side pockets with zips was a real advantage as I was hiking and didn’t need to worry about car keys or gloves falling out on the mountain!

I have also had this jacket out on the water and while fishing both with and without a fishing cap on, this hood sits perfectly and still lets me have full vision. I would definitely recommend this Hoody for someone who enjoys being outdoors even in the coldest of conditions.”

Rachael feeding wild Reindeer in Scottland


Our Orvis UK Catalogue Manager Susannah probably lives the most hectic life out of all of us in Orvis HQ. At the time when we asked her for this review, she had two poorly young children at home so between balancing her workload from home and acting as stand-in nurse we don’t know how she managed it. Interestingly the Hoody seemed to come in handy though as the material was easily washable and came out of the machine looking brand new. It also worked well for when she was on her travels with her family in the highlands, climbing mountains in all kinds of weather conditions. The Hoody is so adaptable she even wears to the office as well as on school runs.

“This hoody is an excellent shield against the wind and rain. I love how the water droplets sit on the top of the jacket and it stands up to the wind very well – even on the top of a very blowy hill I didn’t feel the cold wind and felt protected. However, the jacket is so lightweight it’s easy to wear anywhere! It’s not bulky so I can wear it outside and then keep it on in a cold office or at home as an extra jumper layer. I thought the waterproofing layer would be rigid but it’s soft and not at all heavy or cumbersome. Yet it is so snugly!

The pull cords around the bottom help draw it in for extra fit when it’s cold. The material is so versatile and even the pockets seem to stretch. The deep hand pockets are good for keeping my hands warm as they have some insulation around them.

The side pockets are a great size for keeping gloves in. The front zip pocket is perfect for my phone and things that I need to get to quickly but I don’t want to have in the main pockets in case I pull them out by mistake. I’ve also used the thumb hooks so that the jacket arms stay down even when I’m reaching up and the jacket stretches to allow this.

It has a tight, elasticated hood which means that it is easy to put on and it doesn’t flap around or fall off, even without having a drawstring to pull it tight. It’s really easy just to pull it up so I know that my hair is dry and my head is warm, also giving good coverage to my face too so I feel protected. If the zip is right up to the top, the hood acts like a snood as the elastic pulls it in around my neck and stops the drafts which is useful, though I can still put a scarf underneath for when it’s not fully pulled up. This is great as it means I’ve not had to carry umbrellas or hats.

I have found it a practical and easy-to-care-for jacket. The material wears well, I snagged it on a bramble and it didn’t tear like other jackets would have done. I was so pleased that I could just put it in the washing machine with no special requirements and it came out perfectly. I didn’t have to worry about waterproofing cleaner, or washing the protective layer away. The jacket dried so quickly as it was really light. Anything I’ve spilt on it, I’ve just wiped off.

Overall it has become my everyday jacket of choice mainly due to how practical and functional it is. Lots of useful pockets, the tight hood, it being wind and waterproof as well as being so light and easy to pack away or just keep wearing as it’s so comfortable.”

Susannah out climbing mountains in her new Hoody


Our Omni-Channel Marketing Manager Heidi lives life very quickly. She has been with us only 6 short months but in that time frame, she has moved house and has become a dog owner for the first time, really adapting to the Orvis Ethos. Now she has replaced her early morning workouts for dog walks three times a day, luckily her Long-haired German Shepard puppy has a nice thick coat to brace him for the cold but Heidi needed one too! Not to mention needing to wrap up when travelling to our Vermont office while there’s snow on the ground. Here’s what she thought of her Pro Insulated Hoody:

“I’m more of a long coat kind of person, however, when I received the new Women’s Pro hoody, I jumped at the chance to take it out and put it through its paces. After reading all the great reviews, I decided to take it to our head office in Vermont with me, knowing the temperatures there would be unforgiving at this time of year.

As soon as I put the hoody on, it was warm, comfortable and fit well to my shape. The toggles also allowed me to pull the hoody close to my body. The hood kept me dry from the falling snow and protected me from the wind well. 

All the pockets are deep and zipped which allows me to travel safely with my personal belongings, they are also very well insulated, keeping my hands warm.  I’ve worn this hoody in the UK and the US, and it catered for all my needs with the cold & freezing weather. 100% recommended!”

Heidi putting her hoody to good use in Vermont

Claire Zambuni

Claire runs our PR Company Zambuni and works closely along with the Orvis UK Marketing team. Claire is passionate about all outdoor pursuits and finds time wherever she can to leave the city and go out into the countryside. She believes in our products as strongly as we do and was happy to explain why this particular product worked so well for her.

“ I wore the jacket in several different scenarios – all in cold and wintry weather. It kept me surprisingly warm and was versatile when the weather was warmer. I wore it on a weekend in Lisbon. The weather was sunny, yet very cold and it offered me the perfect combination of a deceptively warm layer and light and comfortable enough for walking all day and sightseeing.

The jacket is super cosy while still feeling stylish and current in design. The only uncomfortable feature of the jacket is the top of the zip as rubbed against my chin so I couldn’t zip it up fully up which hindered the design of the hoody to make it the warmest it could be and have the full functionality of the hood. A small piece of fabric covering the top of the zip might resolve this.

The material is very comfortable to wear and moulds around the body giving me completely free movement. On top of this, it epitomised a garment where technical features are balanced with a stylish versatile piece of clothing.

What I love about this hoody is its versatility. I live in London yet also spend a lot of time in the country and this works well for both. Most days I go to the gym so when not in meetings I spend a lot of time in leggings and this is the ideal jacket as keeps me warm in all weathers while being stylish enough for the city.

When it rains or the wind is strong the hood provides perfect protection and is not too tight that it flattens my hair. The inner lining is soft to the touch giving it an element of cosiness whilst the technical outer layer in teal makes it ideal for the outdoor life in the town or country.”

Claire out and about in her new Pro Orvis Hoody

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