Women’s Must-Have Autumn Fashions for Maximum Versatility and Comfort

Written By: Jill Jones

With summer officially over, it’s time to think about ditching the shorts and T-shirts and focus on wardrobe essentials for Autumn. Given the fickle nature of autumn weather, it can be tricky planning what to wear each day, especially if you’re trying to balance comfort with fashion. The obvious answer to this dilemma is dressing in layers—but the question is how to pull off that effortless, fashionable layered look you see modelled in magazines or on city streets. Here are some ideas:

Leggings and Slim-fit Trousers

We say leggings should be at the top of the list of “Must Haves”. Comfortable and carefree, leggings are the ultimate versatile garment that you can dress up or down and wear just about anywhere, in any season. Choose a pair made in a high-quality fabric that holds its shape. Leggings should be form-fitting without any bagginess or bulging around the knees.

If you prefer a garment that offers a bit more structure with a similar, but slightly more tailored look, you can opt for slim-legged stretch trousers. Made from more substantial fabric than leggings, these offer more warmth when the weather turns cold in earnest.

Choose the Right Shirt

The key to pulling off leggings or slim-fit trousers—for the most flattering look—is finding styles that sit at or just below your waist. Leggings look best paired with tops and shirts hip-length or longer that “sweep” when you walk, rather than styles that cling and/or ride up. Among our favourite materials for this purpose is silk. Comfortable and suitable for all seasons and occasions, silk shirts’ elegant drape offers a flattering look for all body types. A good alternative to silk is cotton poplin or high-quality flannel, which also drape nicely.

Not a fan of form-fitting leggings or trousers? Perhaps you would consider that timeless classic, the maxi skirt , instead. Feminine and effortlessly elegant, a maxi skirt is not only stylish, it provides comfortable coverage from the elements.

Layer with a Wool Jumper or Wrap

Next consider the layers—with maximum versatility and comfort in mind. Classic long cardigans and waistcoats should be wardrobe staples for tall women with long legs. For more dramatic flair, wraps, capes, and serapes are eminently practical, particularly when the weather is in between hot and cold. As summer becomes a distant memory, indulge yourself with bright colours and fun patterns.

Accessorize with a Scarf

Finally, don’t forget that uber-practical item that often serves as the finishing touch to any stylish outfit: a scarf. Scarves in various colours and patterns to go with a variety of outfits should be a fixture in every woman’s wardrobe. Not only do scarves lend an air of sophistication, they help keep you warm when there’s a chill in the air.

Let’s face it—most of us are too busy to spend a lot of time planning what to wear, so we end up wearing our favourite outfits over and over again. This requires a bit more work when the seasons start to change and temperatures fluctuate. By adding a few fashionable-yet-comfortable mix-and-match staples to your wardrobe such as those described above, you can always look good with a minimum of effort.

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