UK Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival

Written by: Isobella Ash

We are proud to announce that we are headline sponsors for the UK Saltwater Fly Fishing Festival 2019.  This will be The Salt’s 4th year, returning to the Cornish Coast this September, celebrating the under-rated saltwater fishing that we have available here in the UK.

Fly fishing has become more and more popular among those looking to escape their busy lives, wishing to pursue relaxation and mindfulness through a new sport. Many find it soothing to be out in the open, embracing the great outdoors. Others find it is the hypnotic rhythm of casting that relaxes them. Either way, the tranquility of the sport has astonishing health benefits both physically and mentally, as highlighted in the TV hit of last year Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing.

Often fly fishing is perceived as exclusive, but salt water fly fishing is controlled by private owners or angling clubs meaning that it is free to access and does not require a fishing license; all you need is a rod, reel, some flies and a net. Therefore, explaining why this is the fastest growing form of fly fishing in the country.

One barrier associated with saltwater fly fishing is that it is commonly believed to be based in tropical locations, however, event founders Amelia and Tim Whitaker started The Salt to highlight the fantastic UK saltwater fly fishing opportunities available. In fact, one guest who stayed at their Bed and Breakfast explained that he was drowning in bass after fly fishing each morning; “I think the record one morning was 40! I needed no further persuading.”

Our Brand Ambassador Marina Gibson with a great catch from last year

There are many different activities you can take part in at The Salt. A friendly competition will be run for amateur and professional anglers over the weekend. Many saltwater fly fishing experts will be giving demonstrations and sessions will be held for beginners, as well as covering complex questions for more experienced anglers regarding anything from casting to finding fish. There will be fly fishing film screenings and cooking demonstrations from Bradley Smokers, local spirits company Curio will also have a pop-up gin bar on the harbour and will be creating a new cocktail for the event, as well as providing refreshments at the opening party on Thursday 12th.

The location, St Mawes is a beautiful, small Cornish fishing village on the Roseland Peninsular. The setting is breath-taking and has a stunning coastline, great hotels, pubs and B&B’s. The surrounding seas are stuffed with fish including mackerel, bass and mullet, so there’s a large variety of species ready to be caught. You are also welcome to catch these fish from a variety of locations; you can choose from the rocks, the beach, in the river estuary and from boats.

“We’re really excited to support the UK Saltwater Fly Fishing festival. We’re always looking for ways to encourage new people into the sport, and Saltwater fly fishing in the UK, although growing, is a massively undervalued resource. In keeping with our 50/50 On The Water campaign, we hope to see lots of ladies and kids taking part. We’ll also be highlighting the importance of conserving wild fish stocks and the role that fly fishing and fly anglers can play in protecting our amazing rivers and seas.”

Orvis UK’s Head of Marketing, Brian Campbell-Kersey.

Even if you do not want to fish, there are still so many great activities to do in St Mawes including exploring St Mawes Caste, sailing, kayaking and hiking. The event could make a great weekend away. We hope to see you there. Tight lines everyone!

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