The Trout-Bum Solstice

Written by: Vito Tsurikichi Rubino (Fly Fishing Manager – Orvis London store)

Photo by Richard Banbury

And then that moment came.

The spring solstice suddenly bursts, breaking from the white cliffs of Dover to peep through the mysterious maze of Stonehenge.

Nature wakes up in an explosion of life, sprouting flowers and awakening the weed that will soon dance with the flow and water currents, providing shelter and giving life to all river insects in an ethereal cosmic dance.

As Celtic druids in an ancestral ritual as old as the world, fly fishermen, particularly Trout-Bums, emerge from the shadow hatching with the first Large Dark Olives.

They have waited for this moment throughout the whole long winter.

Wise mountain men log-stock during summer time, but trout anglers work hard during the winter to be ready when the trout season will begin.

They tied their flies, their personal armoury to rely on while on the banks of the rivers and lakes.
Some of them have started from scratch, relying on fly tying experts and have followed them step by step.

They refined their casting techniques, using their spare time reaching the closest park to train for reaching the season at their best, heedless of the crowd that sometimes gathered in curious admiration, enjoying this strange form of Tai Chi with a rod and a line floating in the air.

There has also been time for real fishing, in search of the famous British graylings or hunting toothy predators.

Some communities got together taking the opportunity to give something back to the water, taking care of it with restoration projects and soothing, at least in part, the wounds that we human beings sometimes carelessly inflict, not realising that water carries in itself the basis for our entire existence.

So here we go, the moment came as a sacred calling, transporting us to the banks in a hypnotic journey on the music of a Pied Piper.

Let’s break the seal then, the Trout season just began!

About Vito:
Orvis London store Fishing Manager Vito was born in Italy and he has fished since he was 6 years old. He loves Fly Fishing in all its faces, from the light weight to the Big Game, from the small brook to the ocean. He is a real TroutBum and has a big passion for the wild mountain streams and their wild brown trout. He is a Fly Fishing Instuctor and Guide and one of the first Tenkara Instructors and Guides in Europe.

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