The London Fly Fishing Fair

Written by: Isobella Ash

This time last week we were one day into the London Fly Fishing Fair (LFFF), alongside lots of brands such as Hardy, Guide, Costa, and Patagonia. There were also lots of great destination fishing venues with stands, as well as UK based stillwaters and river communities. Although Orvis and Fin & Game were two of the largest retailers it was great for us all to come together to talk about what we know best… fly fishing.

There were some great demonstrations by Hywel Morgan, Charles Jardine, Chris Rowes and Chris Hague. Even our brand ambassador Marina Gibson did a brilliant Salt Water Demo on Friday and Saturday about how best to approach salt water fishing, from clothing to casting in the boat and what to expect on your adventures. You can even see snippets from her demos on Orvis UK’s saved Instagram story “LFFF 2019”.

Marina also did an Instagram takeover on both the Orvis US and UK’s Instagram channels and did some fantastic interviews with some of the women there, making sure that our 50/50 on the water campaign was prominent at the event. Each of them discussed how they were introduced to fly fishing and encourage other women to do the same.

One of those women was Orvis UK’s European Account Manager Rachael Brady: “So I started fishing 3 years ago. I’d never picked up a rod before I worked for Orvis and then suddenly got the bug. I got literally and figuratively hooked and that was it!

“Now I fish for the England Ladies Commonwealth Team, next year we’re in New Zealand so that’s something great to look forward to. It’s incredibly easy to get into fishing even when you’re not in the industry there are so many things out there for women and for ladies who want to get into fishing or angling. You’ve got to try it! Before you know it you could be on a ladies team or fishing in lots of different competitions. The community and the industry are fantastic and will help you all the way.”

Aimeé Kitching was also interviewed and discussed how she wanted to encorage other to join her: “I just love inspiring fellow women and children to come and have a go, get into tying get into fishing, it;s my passion really!” All these interviews and more can be seen on our saved Instagram story.

On top of our passion to inspire women to come and join us on the water we also wanted to promote the new scheme we are following with the ANLRS. Which is explained in more detail in our previous blog. The ANLRS were on our stand to help persuade other anglers to recycle their old fly lines to help nature and our environment for us and future generations

The LFFF also found that there was a lot of interest in the new Orvis products, such as Clearwater rods, Pro boots, Pro lines and Accessories. and our new Mission Double Hander rod was reveled to the public for the first time. All just a taster for what is to come this year.

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