How Orvis UK has Supported Anglers Against Pollution – How to save rivers from pollution?

Written by: Sarah Burgess

The Angling Trust’s Anglers Against Pollution campaign seeks to give anglers a voice in the fight for a better future for our environment by holding the government to account for its promises, its actions, and its responsibilities.

Here at Orvis UK, we are showing our commitment to protecting our environment by giving 5% of every sale from the PRO Collection to support the launch of the campaign.

Since the start of 2021, we are proud to have raised vital funds for the campaign, supporting the following projects in the first half of this year:

1) Over the course of the first year the Orvis funding will allow us to provide 25 professional litter picking kits for Angling clubs. The Angling Clubs who receive these kits will commit to regular river litter picks, which will mean that over the course of the next two years around 500 miles of river will be cleared of plastic pollution and hereby save rivers from pollution.

2) The donations will provide the funding to train 100 anglers to identify and report pollution incidents effectively and this way prevent river pollution and ensure river conservation.

3) The donations will enable us to research all the water quality monitoring work currently being carried out by anglers and angling clubs in the UK and to collate this information in one place for the first time. This will allow us to see how we can bring this diverse work together into a powerful tool to highlight ongoing issues and success stories.

Why are we supporting Anglers Against Pollution?

Avoidable pollution damages every river in the UK. It undermines not only the fish we love to catch but also the invertebrates they feed on. Our waterways are suffocating in so many ways, from agricultural runoff to plastics, chemical pesticides, and raw sewage. It doesn’t need to be this way. With better enforcement of existing laws and improvements to others, we could have the cleanest rivers in Europe. But we need to act now to reduce the river pollution. Make your voice heard. Keep our rivers, lakes, and oceans clean.

Help us help the angling society and Anglers Against Pollution to reduce water pollution in rivers by purchasing one of our high quality flyfishing products, clothing for women and men or dog products.




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