Puppy Training

Written by: Isobella Ash

Dear new dog owners, congratulations on your new puppy!

We hope they become the perfect addition to your family and will love you unconditionally, as dogs always do. Having a new puppy can be a wonderful experience but it can also be difficult if you are in the dark about how to train them. You want to be able to teach them that you are Top Dog! Our staff here at Orvis UK have had many dogs over the years and so we have collected some top tips from them to help you train your new fluffy family member.


Just like most animals, dogs are creatures of habit, so as their owner you need to make sure you set times for them to eat, play and go to the toilet.


 Let’s start with the beginning of the process: feeding. If you feed them at the same times each day, they should begin expecting it and will pester you if you are running a few minutes late, almost like they’ve checked their furry watches. When the clocks go forward or backwards, they do get a little confused for a few days.

When Nature Calls

What goes in must come out! If you feed your furry friend at these regular times, then they will need to go out at regular times, which makes this process a little easier. The most vital thing to remember is to let them out first thing in the morning when they wake up, after they eat or drink a fair amount, and before you go to bed, this way it gives them a fighting chance of making it through the night without any accidents. You should also take them out every couple of hours to make sure you give them as many opportunities as you can for them to go.

Command and reward

Like training a cat to use a litter box you should also train your puppy to empty their bladder in a specific place in your garden. While encouraging them to do so, make sure you stick to a specific word or phrase so the pup will learn the command for next time. Once they have finished make sure to reward them immediately, so they associate the praise with their most recent action.

When You’re Out and About

If you can’t supervise your puppy for 24 hours a day then confinement is the best way to convince your pup to try and hold it. If your popping to the shop for an hour then it may be a good idea to invest in a dog crate that is big enough for your dog to be comfortable to manoeuvre about in but small enough that they wouldn’t want to relieve themselves in it. It might even be a good idea to section off a part of your home for them to be while you’re not there. However, do not forget to take them out the second you return.

Accidents Happen

It is unreasonable to expect your puppy to never have an accident. Therefore, precautions should be put in place. Try using puppy pads overnight, when you know they will not be able to hold their bladder for such a long period of time. If they do not go on the pad or you find an accident too late, there is no point in scolding them as it would have been so long ago (even a minute or so) they will not understand what they have done wrong.  Just clean the mess as quickly as possible so they do not confuse the familiar scent as a toilet spot.

12 week old Poppy here is currently in the process of learning all this

We hope you enjoyed reading our top tips and wish you all the best with your new furry friend.

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