Pupdate – Quirks and Personality Development

Written by: Isobella Ash

This week Jane talks about the struggles of choosing puppies and how they are now developing their own personalities. Each one of them showing their little quirks and behaviours. Take a look below at what these little bundles of fur have been up to:

Last time I left you, in true soap style, with the thought of me worming the puppies. Well, it went much better than expected. I didn’t do the puppy formula, honey and slippery elm. That didn’t work at all. In the end, I just plain syringed the wormer into their little mouths gently. I didn’t end up wearing too much, although I swear that after the first few, word had got out and they had devised a plan to avoid intake by shaking their heads and sticking out their tongues. But it could have gone a whole lot worse. Each pup disliked it equally, we didn’t have a drama and it is all over and done with for a few weeks until the next lot is due.

That seems such a long time ago now, but really just a week, however, they have changed so much in that time. They are much more confident in coordination, they have started interacting with toys. They all wake up and crowd around me when I bring them, what a friend refers to as “a taster plate” of food to start the weaning process. They are good eaters. They get stuck in straight away and no adverse outcomes to the gradual beginnings of solid food.

We are starting to see more and more personality. For example, Xie, that’s the girl with the x shaped markings on her back, always likes to go and lick her mum’s face after a feed. It looks like she goes to Bunty and thanks her. It is so sweet, my heart melts every time. There is a long family line on dad’s side, that like to sleep upside down. There is always one of the pups with legs in the air, fast asleep, which makes me smile. Whilst I write this, it is the turn of classic boy to adopt this sleeping pose.

They also get excited about my voice and therefore they have joined quite a few conference calls this week! I try and mute myself, but when I talk, they wake up and start squeaking. Everyone involved in the calls has been fine and in fact are trying to book pup video calls. Before you ask, I am really sorry, but my broadband is not that robust.

Everyone has a home to go to, some are going to long time friends, who are well trusted and who I have first-hand knowledge of their awaited home life. I know they will want for nothing. A couple are going to people who have been highly recommended by trusted friends. Although I have only just met these people, I have no doubt that the pups are much wanted and will be cossetted in their new home. I am loving getting to know these owners better as the weeks go on. I do daily updates for them. A short video or a few pictures and details of any major changes or funny stories. I very much hope that for them and me it is the start of a new, but long friendship, which is one of the loveliest things about owning dogs.

Mr Martin is no nearer choosing. He tells me he has a front runner and then changes his mind each time he picks one of the girls up. The only thing he is certain about is that he wants a girl, which hasn’t progressed much as he has been saying that for the past 25 years (I was a young bride!). Today I picked up the front runner and said to her that she was staying, she wagged her tail. He may be nearer his decision than he thinks!

Here are the girls play fighting together

I can’t talk, I am having much the same trouble with choosing a boy. They are a very even litter; they are all doing well, and they are all interacting well so far. It is hard to have a front runner. I keep saying, plenty of time yet, in my head, but I will have to choose one before they reach the age of 13 years! Two of the boys look like grandad Leo, that is classic and Elvis (so-called because he has a quiff of hair down his nose). Then there is Tizzy boy. I lost Tizzy just over a month ago due to old age, she was also related to these pups. She was the most wonderful dog and my constant shadow for nearly 15 years. The pull of the resemblance is strong. However, then there is Junior. He looks like his dad, my beloved Mr Darcy. Oh, what is a girl to do. As the weeks go on, I may need help, be prepared.

Meantime, everyone is eagerly awaiting the first escape from the whelping box. It’s a right of passage. My friends are suggesting that I enter the London Marathon next year as I will have done enough training running after the pups. Don’t hold your breath on that one, I do not like to run. As currently there is one half out now, I don’t think it will be long and, on that note, I must leave you to stave off the great escape.

huddle of puppies trying to climb out of a cardboard box

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