Pupdate: Preparing For Departure

Written by: Isobella Ash

The time to say goodbye is fast approaching, although it’s sad, all the pups are going to loving owners. This week Jane shows us how much they’ve grown and are preparing for all the adventures that come with their new homes!

Time is flying by, that is because we are having fun, and my thoughts are turning to getting all the information together for when the pups leave. I am confident that they are going to the perfect homes for puppies and dogs; I don’t have one minute’s doubt that they will be loved, and well cared for, which was, of course, my primary goal. All the new owners will need a fact sheet letting them know what I have been doing so that they can replicate that and then start to change their pup’s routine gradually to fit in with them. I started the fact sheet a few days ago and am adding things to it as and when they pop into my head. Feed times, quantity, worming, etc are all covered so that the new owners feel prepared for new puppies!

I have also asked the companies that I use if they will help with useful info. All have been very willing, and I have amassed a puppy pack of brochures, reading, and freebies. The dog food company and herbal company I use have generously donated 2kg of food per pup and discount vouchers and a starter pack with sample products and reading materials respectively. Of course, I will also be offering 4 weeks of free insurance, if I can ever get to grips with the website! I feel a phone call coming on. 

Ready For New Adventures

Thinking of them going is bittersweet, but I can see that they are ready for new experiences. I have done a lot with them already. The people behind us have renovation work going on and there are lots of noises associated with that. Plus, we have lots of military activity locally and this week we have had a low-level flypast from a Hercules aircraft and several low flying helicopters. The puppies handle loud noises from these very well! We had a huge horsebox arrive, he was lost, and so they all got to see him reverse along the road (our road was too small for him to turn around). All of these experiences have been taken without reaction. 

We also, like many, had an almighty thunderstorm, through which the pups all slept! It’s comforting to see the puppies handle loud noises so well. They really are packing in the exposure to new things, yet I see that they hunger for more and their new homes will provide that. I know that it is the best thing for them and that a world of wonderful things awaits, but I will be very sad to hand them over and so will Bunty. The puppies and older dog get along great! She has taken to playing with them, she adores them. It brings a tear to my eye just writing about it. 

Meanwhile, I am pleased to report that Gaby and her owner, Mr Martin are getting on famously. I had a small giggle to myself when I heard him say ouch and when I asked what had happened, he said: “she bit my nose”. They are going to be just fine; she will have him trained in no time!

Gabby and Mr Martin

Growing And Exercising

I am getting them out and about more too, they have been over on our paddock, which was tremendous fun for them and allowed them to stretch their legs even more. Of course, this was controlled and not for too long as a difference between puppies and older dogs is that puppies’ bones are still not joined so exercise should not be excessive. I read once that a well-built body is something that comes from BOTH good breeding and a great upbringing. Some say 5 minutes of exercise per month of age and this is not a bad rule of thumb. Also, stairs (not a problem for us as we live in a bungalow) and jumping on and off beds and sofas are not great. I will be reminding our owners of this so they are prepared for new puppies.

Sleep Schedules And Visitors

Since the puppies are growing up some, they are of course sleeping less now. Their new owners will think they sleep a lot, but we have seen that their bursts of energy are extending. They now are awake and active from about 6 am until 9 am, when they will sleep for a couple of hours if the house is quiet. Then they will wake for lunch, have another burst, and then fall asleep for a couple of hours. As I said before, this always coincides with visitors, no matter what time they come, and at the moment we seem to have someone turn up to view them pretty much every day. It is lovely seeing happy smiley faces in a world that can be full of trouble and concern at the moment. The perfect homes for puppies and dogs are happy and loving ones!

Even More Growing!

Moving them is now becoming a more difficult exercise. Whereas before you could happily pick up two pups at once, they are much bigger, all are 2kg or over, and are moving much more. Therefore, what was 4 trips is now 8 and everything seems to take longer as the puppies keep growing up, except them eating their dinner, that seems to have speeded up!

Thankfully Mr Martin is now at home for a while, I am really grateful that he is, as it is a full-time occupation for us both. Without him, it would be even harder. Now that isn’t something I say often! Anyway, I must leave you now as I hear the washing machine telling me it has finished with its chirpy ring, the next load awaits it, fun times. 

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