Pupdate | Names, Car Trips, And Exercise

Written by: Isobella Ash

This week Jane explains the new adventures the pups have been on including receiving names that suit them, getting acquainted with cars, meeting the chickens, and having fun in the garden thanks to some unexpected exercise.

Naming The Girls

All of the pup owners have visited and now a steady stream of friends from the village have come into play as far as socialization is concerned. The girls are all chosen and everyone’s done a great job of naming a puppy. Mr. Martin is having Leo Girl, now to be called Gaby Roslin, you can guess why! Diamond is going to an obedience friend and she will be known as Winnie. Winnie has taken to rolling over and having her tummy rubbed every time I appear at the puppy pen, it is so sweet, I just hope that we are not in the same class at a show and she does that when I am near, I won’t be popular if she does. 

Exie is going to Surrey and will be called Lexie, which is just lovely, she has a cosseted life ahead of her, including walking holidays and grandchildren to grow up with. The name choosing was a unanimous family decision and it suits her well. Mushroom will be going to Kent, another obedience friend, they have been mulling over a range of names, but have now decided on Kali. This was swayed by Mushroom herself as they returned to see her and tried out some names. Kali was the one she reacted most too. It can be fun to involve your dog when naming a puppy! So, then the next decision was how to spell it! I will be able to see Winnie and Kali when I am competing. Mr. Martin said I have to bring photos home.


Naming The Boys

The boys are not quite sorted, I am keeping Tizzy boy, now known as Tiffy after an Artificer in the army. Of course, I have already started calling him Tiff or Tiffin as well as Tiffy. I am a bit of a Grand Prix fan and Mr. Martin said Tiff could be short for Tifosi, so it seems to work all round. Elvis, when he leaves the building, will be going to a very good friend of mine in Dunstable and will be called Bodhi (pronounced like Kodi but with a B). I am told that the name translates as enlightenment or awakening and that the Bodhi tree is a large fig tree under which the founder of Buddhism received enlightenment.  

I have to say that when I told Mr. Martin that he would now be Bodhi, he said “What, as in Bodie and Doyle from The Professionals?”. Bodhi has taken to doing little rolls of joy, which do rather look like he is jumping over the bonnet of a Capri. Oh dear, that does date us, if anyone is too young to know what I am referring to, then Google is your friend, it was a great TV series, you should download it. The other two boys are still being decided on. I will let you know where they are going and what they will be called soon.

Car Trips And Exploring New Things

This week we have started doing short, very short, car trips. All will have some kind of drive home and it gives them an experience. Plus, we will have car trips with puppies to the vets for vaccinations and microchips. I would like an idea of how many towels I will need to take to clear up. I have carried them in pairs out onto the main road in the village to try and prepare for more car trips with puppies . Not very busy, but they have seen cars and new people with no adverse reactions. 

The puppies exercised some running around with our chickens. When they met them, I wasn’t  sure who liked that the best, the pups or the chickens. We have Bantams, they are easily affronted and tell you so at the top of their voice. They also announce the arrival of an egg, bless.  

The whelping box is no more. When I moved the pups into the kitchen a couple of weeks ago, we did start by returning them to the whelping box overnight, so Mummy Bunty could top them up with milk. They found an escape route, even though we had extended the height of the entry and exit gap. The puppies love to explore! Bunty has also decided that they no longer need a top-up, especially as they now have sharp teeth, and they settle well in the kitchen, so it seems a shame to move them when they have all fallen asleep in the puppy pile of cuteness. I am grateful to the Orvis Operations Team for providing the box, it worked well and certainly lived up to its eco-friendly, recycling label. It is now part of my compost heap and so its third life of usefulness starts. 

Exercise Fun In The Garden

My office seems so large and the big dogs are happy as their dog beds are back, enabling them to join me, all be it they sleep, and I work. Up to now, we have had the pups in a pen in the garden. Partly because the pen is used for toilet training and partly because my flower borders contain some plants that I would rather they didn’t eat. As they get older and we are left with our two it will be ok to supervise them whilst they are free-range, but just at the moment, it takes a great number of us to keep up with them. 

However, on a puppy visit when we were up to six people (including us) in the garden, I thought we should go for it. Wow, did they enjoy themselves and they got up a real turn of pace. The puppies love to explore the garden and they really enjoyed running around and stretching their legs. The puppies exercised in such a burst, it ensured they slept for a couple of hours, which was bliss. However, Mr. Martin now has a new larger pen to make to enable more running around without us needing to be a nimble as a ballerina and as fast as Usain Bolt. Neither of which Mr. Martin, nor I, would normally be described as! 

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