Pupdate – Meet the Puppies

Written by: Isobella Ash

This week Jane introduces us to each of Bunty’s litter, one by one, explaining what they have been nicknamed and why due to their little quirks. Their new owners have come to visit them in the garden and the pups seem to have slept through the whole event! Take a look below to see Jane’s latest Pupdate:

Well another week has passed, and we are halfway through our owner visits. They are going well, firstly, all are friends new or old, so it is lovely to see them, in some cases it has been some time since I last saw them. The conversation is easy, and it is a lovely catch-up as well as puppy cuddling exercise. The pups are taking it all in their stride. They like meeting new people and are happy to interact. All be it like all puppies they fall asleep just as people arrive! I think that is an inbuilt puppy superpower. They are of course like the well know battery advert, they keep going and going and then all fall asleep in a moment. Thankfully they look really cute when they are asleep.

There has been much talk about not being able to tell which is which. I do an almost daily video update for all the owners. This I started because I didn’t know when lockdown restrictions would be lifted, and visits would be possible. I wanted the owners to feel part of the process. To be able to see the pups grow and change.

Bunty did a great job of growing them and produced a lovely even well-marked litter. They are super bundles of Border Collie-ness. But that has proved difficult in that identifying them, you need to see their face and their markings on the back of their neck. I have now got the hang of it, with only a minor mistake now and then. The owners, however, are still catching up. It is near on impossible to manage to do that in a video. One party of visitors said they had sat down and drawn a diagram of each pup, colouring in the markings to help. Now that is dedication.

So, all visits have been conducted using the current guidelines and restrictions as a structure. Therefore, everyone has been outside. We have had glorious weather and I crossed my fingers that would not change. So far we have been lucky. The people that came Saturday missed the rain by moments. We start off by having all the pups outside in the pen. Then after a while I take away either the girls or the boys, depending on what sex the owner has booked. That is helping with identification. But I have had great fun mildly teasing people that keep picking up the wrong gender at the start of the visit. Once they have had time with the pups, I let out the big dogs. People are coming to see the pups first and foremost. But it is important that you should also see mum and, in our case, dad and grandad and great aunties.

Well the big dogs are loving it too. Again, some of the people they know really well, and it is a wonderful surprise when they all come out to see a familiar face. Bunty sends out a woo, woo, woo and then demands a rub. Mr Darcy thinks everyone has come to give him a cuddle. He is almost 25Kg, on the larger side of the normal size range for a collie. Without fail he has tried to sit on everyone’s lap. Grace thinks that they are going to feed her, and Connie just sits next to them, leans in and does her cutest face to extract a stroke. It has worked on everyone and she is most happy about this turn of events.

I am starting to stretch the pup’s world. Firstly, I have sectioned toys into three batches. One batch is in the washing machine, one batch is being dried and the other is in the pen. To enable me to do this I now have all the puppy toys in play and that includes some bigger noisier ones, such as a ball as big as they are currently, a squeaky duck and some that have been designed to be chewed. It is interesting to watch their reaction to these new experiences.

Next week I will start to carry two out further from the house. I would like them to see cars, we have a lot of horses in the village and generally expand their world more. I will let you know how that goes next time.

We had a bit of a set back with the weaning, but we are again going forward. They remain good eaters and are continuing to grow. Elvis, so called as he has a quiff of hair down his nose, has always been the biggest. He is just about to hit the 2kg mark. The rest are not far behind, all about 1.5kg. I will be keeping an eye on weight as they transition even more from mum to solid food.

Oh, and I think Mr Martin and I are just about there with choosing. We are the key to enabling others to know which bundle of joy is coming home with them. Rather coincidentally at the moment, the only two who have chosen a name, if not a pup, have picked names from my family. Bella is one of the front runners for one couple, that is my mother-in-law I proudly told them. The other is Winn. I had a Great Aunt Wyn, who I adored. When I asked Saturday’s visitors if they had a name, they didn’t so I said there seems to be a theme appearing and offered up a couple of other great aunts and grandmothers. I will let you know if that helped at all. Mr Martin is definitely not going to follow that theme; his will be Gaby. There is always one!

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