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Perfect Picnic Ideas by The Mayfly Pub

Written by: Isobella Ash

The Pubs may be closed but this doesn’t mean that we can’t make our favourite pub food. We’re all reminiscing on being outside with friends during the summer. This time of year we would be partaking in an Orvis ritual. When our US counterparts come to the UK for a visit it is a tradition to take them to the Mayfly Pub garden with a Fuller’s pint on the River Test. So, we reached out to The Mayfly to ask for their advice on the perfect riverside picnic ideas and they didn’t let us down. Take a look at their blog below:

At a time that our pub garden would be full of fisherman closing out a day with a frothy pint of London Pride contemplating the “one that got away” we can’t help but think about other ways to enhance the fishing experiencing while we wait for The Mayfly’s doors to open once again.  Often this time of year we get to know quite a few familiar faces who have the privilege and privacy of fishing for trout on the River Test.  They also get to know us and can time the freshly baked wild boar and apple sausage rolls emerging from the oven around 10am when the belly starts to rumble for a mid-morning snack.  While we all are waiting for a sense of normality to return we thought we would put together our ideal picnic basket.

Fancy a breakfast snack on the river bank?

There is no reason you cannot achieve luxury whilst in the midst of serenity completely isolated on the river bank.  Hitting pause to satisfy the senses with some pre-planned culinary delights and a good tipple certainly can make the day.  At The Mayfly we are known for our Ploughman’s style lunch consisting of the local butcher’s Owton’s Black Cab ham slices, pork pie with Tracklement’s mustard, Snowdonia cheddar cheese, house made Piccalilly and salad.  Packing these up with a loaf of some seeded crusty bread and butter you only need look to the Fuller’s & Friends case of 6 craft style ales available at your local supermarket. 

At the Mayfly one of my favourite riverside drinks to couple with a bit of smoked trout and celeriac remoulade would be our Bolney Estate Bubbly Brut (available on at  The floral and brioche notes combine with zesty citrus fruit, honeysuckle and elderflower.  A celeriac remoulade can be made in advance and served on a crostini with some of your own smoked trout.  Add a touch of green apple and your taste buds will really light up!

If you are looking for something hearty and quick to grab, look no further than our Hampshire steak, caramelised onion, & Stilton cheese sandwich served on ciabatta bread.  Although the Mayfly’s crispy triple cooked chips make a great pairing, a pack of salted crisps will have to make the journey to the riverside for now.  With such a hearty sandwich the wine I would most highly suggest is our Mara Ripasso DOC from Valpolicella.  Don’t forget the cork screw!

We all miss the hustle and bustle of the Mayfly, especially with the amazing weather we have had this spring.  Remember, good things come to those who bait!  See you soon.


Michelle Lane (Events Manager at The Mayfly)

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