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Written by: Isobella Ash

During this second lockdown, we know that many of you will be longing for the great outdoors. That’s why we’ve created desktop backgrounds for you to use, so every time you log on, you can be inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Take a look at them below and please download whichever you like. Hopefully, these will help inspire you to plan your next adventure in the great outdoors post lockdown.

Our Ginger Beer beat, in Kimbridge, on the River Test, really is a sight to behold. This picture was taken on the hottest day of the year and although the sun is not always best for fishing, it is hard not to appreciate the beauty it creates on our beats.
Autumn walks with your dog are perfect for getting some great exercise, fresh air and some peace away from the world.
The Orange Tip Butterfly is a sign that Spring has truly arrived. These delightful butterflies are highly active and only alight to nectar for brief seconds before setting off again to patrol up and down the lanes or river banks.
Here at our Ginger Beer beat, in Kimbridge, on the River Test, the days fly fishers are getting ready for a perfect afternoon on the water.
Long drives may be a means to an end when finding the perfect adventure location. Sometimes this means driving at dusk down roads that don’t seem to lead anywhere. These are the places where the best adventures happen.
At Orvis, we dedicate ourselves to the restoration, enhancement, and the long-term protection of these last great wild places. Recently this has included some habitat improvement works on our short section of the River Itchen just downstream of where the M3 crosses the river just above Abbots Worthy.
These rods have all been set up and are just waiting to be picked up and put to the test. To play the game at its highest level there can be no compromise and for every angler, the H3 is the pinnacle of purpose, designed to master the moment and meet the demands of accuracy on a spring creek with a 3F or a tarpon flat with a 3D.
Imagine the crunching of the frosty grass beneath your feet as you visit beautiful winter landscapes like this on your winter adventures.
You can find beauty in everything you see at our Ginger Beer beat, in Kimbridge, on the River Test.
This little section of river can be found right at the very edge of our Ginger Beer beat, on the River Test. If you ever needed a moment to yourself, to take a deep breath and take in all the natural beauty, then there is no better place than on our river banks.
December’s sunrise still could not melt the frost until the early hours of the afternoon on our Ginger Beer beat, when this was taken.
The Orvis Land Rover can often be found at one our fishing beats with our riverkeeper Tom always nearby.
Our fishing beats are not only beautiful in the summer, they are also a winter wonderland as the snow starts to fall, flake by flake on the water.

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  1. Kelly St Pier

    Keen to book a fish forage and cook experience for later in 2021 post COVID19 restrictions. Do you have any provisional dates please?


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