Meet Phoebe – with Jess Dayman-Johns

Written by: Isobella Ash

This is Jess, she joined Orvis as Store Manager of our Bath branch in April 2017, and took on the Chichester branch as well last June. Here she tells us a little bit about herself and life in Somerset with her furry cat Phoebe while in lockdown.

Phoebe joined my household in November 2011, and would be described as a ‘personality’ by many.. I remember when she first came home with me she was so small that I could fit her entirely in the palm of my hand! She had a tiny little squeak for a meow and loved exploring around the house.

Before she arrived I had already picked out the name ‘Lady’ but as soon as I met her I could see it just did not suit her (she’s more of a rascal than a lady anyway!) so eventually landed on Phoebe, aka Phoebs, Fleabee, or The Bug.

She is a really beautiful cat, she has vivid green eyes, striking markings with flashes of white, and little white feet. She’s small in stature and was the runt of her litter, but everyone comments on how stunning she is.

Fast forward to late 2013 where she and I met my now partner Dave, as soon as they met they just clicked. Every time he came over she would run straight up to him meowing and purring – I very quickly became the third wheel in this relationship! We moved in together a year later and their bond grew even stronger. Her personality refined and she became more and more protective of him, following him around the house wherever he went and curling up on his lap the second he sits down! Even at nearly 9 years old now, this has not changed.

She’s always been an indoor cat really, particularly since meeting Dave as she likes to be wherever he is. If we’re out in the garden she will join us, and at dusk she likes to sit on the lawn to watch the bugs flitting and sniff the air, but mostly her favourite place is indoors on the sofa with us.

Dave is very particular about the food she gets, she has a routine of wet and dry food rotations and only eats food with 60%+ meat content and no additives. This means she has the most beautiful silky and soft coat, but I know really she would love to snack on pastries instead. She’s not particularly food driven and never begs, but if you’re eating a muffin, donut, or sweet pastry then be prepared to bargain or fight! Blueberry muffins are definitely her favourite and she has been known to climb on top of your head to get some!

Being in quarantine has been an interesting adjustment for all of us, and although I thought she’d get sick of our company she has been loving it! Every morning she prods us with a gentle scratch on the arms or face until we wake up and fuss her, she’ll sit and play with us through to lunch time, take an afternoon nap by the window and curl up on our laps in the evening. 

She really does like to be the centre of attention though, so if you’re busy trying to type away she will sit on top of your laptop – or recently on conference video calls she’s been walking in front of the camera and chomping on my arm!

She is so full of character, but I really wouldn’t have her any other way.

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