Meet Cooper – with Heidi Andrews

Written by: Isobella Ash

Meet Heidi Andrews, Orvis UK’s Omni-Channel Marketing Manager. At this time she’s working from home with her partner Matt, daughter Gracie and her adorable German Shepherd Cooper. In this blog, she tells us a little more about her new pup.

Cooper (or Coops) as we like to call him, has been a part of our family for the past 4 ½ months, he’s our beautiful furry long-haired German Shepherd child.

As a happy, bouncy, playful pup, Coops loves to be around us while we are at home as well as playing with his favourite Orvis toy Cow (otherwise known as squeak), sticks and balls (which he doesn’t like to let go of, but wants us to throw them for him).

As an active family, we knew we wanted a dog that would enjoy long walks in the forest and open countryside’s as well as being content with laying by a fire just relaxing.

We made our mind up after a lot of researching, reading reviews and asking people about their Long-Haired German Shepherds and we have not looked back.  Coops is a very chatty pup! When we went to pick him up at 10 weeks old, we were told we had picked the most liveliest and talkative puppy there.  Coops found us, really.  When we walked through the gates, he ran straight over to us and into the arms of his new daddy, it was love at first sight. 

Being a litter of 5, Coops was the only Sable colour there and just completely stood out from the rest. We knew at 10 weeks he was going to be a big dog with feet like a lion and body shaped like a wolf…He is huge and people comment about his size whenever we go out.

Coops is already extremely loyal to us and his playful and protective nature makes him an excellent playmate for our children.

During lockdown, we have been able to spend all of our time with Coops, mainly trying to puppy train him, which to be honest hasn’t gone too well, he just wants to talk, play and have his belly scratched, as well as eat his and our food, knock all the drinks off the table frequently and generally get himself into mischief.

His personality is adorable and at bedtime and in the early mornings, wants to join us in bed and lay down between us both and sleep like a third person.  It’s like he thinks he’s hooman.

The funny thing about this all is that I have never been a ‘Dog’ person, I’ve always had Cats or Tortoises. I was a little nervous at first when we picked him up but since having Coops from 10 weeks, I couldn’t imagine my life without him now and often ask my partner if we can have another one.

We originally choose the name Bear as he was so fluffy (Lion would have been better) but decided Cooper was a better fit for his first name, although his official name is Cooper Bear Aldridge-Andrews (Ha-ha, poor thing) the vets love him and his super long name.

Adapting to life in this current situation has been hard for us humans and our furry child(ren), although we are slowly getting used to our new way of living.  Having Coops has given us the ability to get out for our permitted 1 walk a day and while the weather has been lovely, we have taken advantage of it and Coops enjoys seeing and playing with other doggies and playing with sticks or his ball (or losing them).

I think if we could all ask our doggies about the current situation; they would love quarantine to continue forever.

Anyway, off to clear another juice spillage on the rug!

Please Stay Safe.

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