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Written by: Isobella Ash

7 Dog Gifts That You’ll Love Too On This Love Your Pet Day!

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or looking for the perfect birthday gifts for your dog, this list has you covered with some of the best dog gifts! The unconditional love your dog shows every moment of every day warrants a special treat for your canine companion now and then. We think your dog would happily roll over for any of these gifts both big and small.

Dog Beds

Orvis Memory Foam Couch Dog Bed

Yes, we know your bed or sofa is possibly the one your dog prefers. But dogs need a special place of their own where they can snooze on occasion. The Orvis Memory Foam Couch Dog Bed comfortably conforms to your dog’s body, creating support for muscles and joints while providing a snug sense of security.  You can also make this bed a personalized gift for your dog when you shop online!

Sofa Protectors

Bolstered Sofa Protector

Now here’s a gift for you and your dog! We have lots of solutions for keeping your dogs comfortable at home while simultaneously protecting your furniture from fluff and mud. For example, this is our Bolstered Sofa Protector which serves as a dog bed for the sofa! Non-slip Grip-Tight mesh holds the protector in place, whilst the quilted microfibre surface keeps your dog comfortable and secure whilst also protecting your furniture from dog hair and dirt. What better holiday or birthday gift for your dog than letting him lounge on the sofa worry-free?

Car Seat Protectors

Grip-Tight® Windowed Hammock Seat Protector

Your dog loves to go everywhere you go, but your canine co-pilot can be tough on your vehicle’s interior. The Grip-Tight® Windowed Hammock Seat Protector provides a comfortable place for your dog to relax while riding along on your next road trip. And the special materials in our seat protectors will safeguard your seats from mud, water, and claw marks. Bring your best pal everywhere with this one of the 7 dog gifts that you’ll love too!

Absorbent Doormats

Orvis Super-Absorbent Doormat

You’ll appreciate your protected floors and your dog will appreciate a comfortable staging area for walks and adventures. Keep your floors clean after you return home from an outdoor adventure: Place an Orvis Super-Absorbent Doormat in your boot-room or entryway to contain water, dirt, or debris. Thick fibres scrape away snow and mud while absorbing moisture to keep paws and boots and your floors clean.

Personalized Dog Collars

Reflective Dog Collar

Customized with your dog’s name and your phone number, a personalized collar makes it easier to find him, should you become separated. Choose a Personalized Reflective Dog Collar and leash constructed from materials that increase visibility in low light conditions. This gift for you and your dog will keep you both safe on those late-night and pre-dawn walks. Get a personalized gift for your dog today!

Treats and Toys

A plush Animal Squeaky Toy makes a perfect gift for gnawing, chewing, and keeping your dog busy on long, lazy days. These can be unique dog gifts if you pick ones that fit your pet’s personality!

Elk Antler Chews have gained popularity for good reason: They’re sustainable, long-lasting, and full of minerals good for strengthening teeth. And antler chews make an excellent gift for dogs who are aggressive chewers. This another one of the 7 dog gifts you’ll love too for their durability.

Make sure that even if you don’t give your furry companion one of the best dog gifts today, you still give them all you can in attention and reciprocated unconditional love they deserve.

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