Jane Martin and her Border Collies

Written by: Isobella Ash

Our Managing Directors PA, Jane Martin loves dogs more than anyone else. She loves them so much she has five, yep five, Border Collies! As we all know no dog is the same so here Jane will be introducing them all, discussing their personalities, and little quirks as well as how they’ve been preparing for their first home litter!

Jane, Grace, Connie, Darcy, Leo and Bunty

At Orvis we have a saying “you should always leave the campsite tidier than you found it”, what this means to me is that we should look after what is around us, nurture it and if we have a chance to improve it, then we should.

This is something I hold dear in my life and apply it wherever possible. So, when we knew we were expecting the arrival of new life, Bunty, one of our Border Collies, is due to give birth at the beginning of May, well I wanted to use a recyclable, eco-friendly whelping box.

This will be our first completely home-grown litter, not only do we own mummy Bunty, but Mr Darcy is the dad and regular Orvis Office dog Leo, is grandad (we have great aunts as well!). It was then that the idea of reusing one of our shipping boxes came to me. So, with the permission of the Operations team, I (and when I say ‘I’, what I really mean is Mr Martin) set about making it into a whelping box.

Easier than I first thought, (Mr Martin suggested that if I was giving a step by step, “how to guide” I should mention that you should wear gloves as he now has 3 cardboard cuts!).  We have ended up with a sturdy, safe and comfy area for Bunty. As we don’t breed dogs regularly, and may never need a whelping box again, we have repurposed something that we can then compost at the end of its life to again help serve the earth.

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