Give Yourself Time to be Curious and Observe

Written by: Richard Banbury

Great pleasure can be had just sitting by the river and just watching. It is hugely therapeutic just to relax, sit quietly and observe in detail what is going on around you. The very best anglers are those who have the ability to really see. This is actually quite a skill and one that you have to practice to master well but the rewards are considerable. In the modern world people are used to having information thrust at them on a screen and expected to operate at the same speed as a computer chip. This is not healthy and can be stressful. We are naturally curious but we simply don’t give ourselves time to enjoy our natural curiosity and learn the skills of detailed observation.

All the best anglers have mastered this and it is their deep understanding of what is going on in the environment around them that gives them their edge. While thinking about this today, I was watching this striking Leucozona lucorum Hover Fly feeding on the Purple Loosestrife by the river…… until it was driven off by a rather impressive and somewhat scary big Hornet!

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