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Written by: Marina Gibson

5 Tips To Get Your Kids To Love Fishing

Children won’t remember the days playing Xbox or sitting on their phones talking to their friends on Snapchat. They will, however, cherish the days where their parents took them outdoors and spent quality time with them.

And with regards to fishing, trust me if they get hooked at an early stage, some of the best days you will have with them will be on the bank whether it’s when they are young children or grown adults. Fishing with your kids leads to some great memories.

1) Make it fun!

Children have short attention spans. So you’ll need a vast and varied amount of action. What happens if the fish aren’t biting? Or what if the rain kicks in with a northerly wind, forcing you to go home or run for safety into the fishing hut?

The answer is simple, prepare some indoor and outdoor activities before your fishing day commences. Buy some fish toys, practice how to hook, play and land a fish and then you can teach them about fish welfare and how to release it without harming it.

Children love light-hearted competitions, so you could print out some pictures of fish species and test them throughout the day. Show them a couple of flies and ask them to learn the names, along with the colours. Have a fly tying session and let them choose their own colours. Teach them how to tie a fly to the tippet. Games can help keep fishing with your kids laid back sand stress-free!

2) Take them to an easy fishery

These 5 tips to get your kids to love fishing are all about matching the experience to their level to keep kids from getting bored during fishing. There’s no point in taking them to a quaint little stream with overhanging trees and dappled light. They will need open spaces for easy casting and lots of potential hookups. If you are keen to get them really hooked, it is essential for them to feel a fish on the end of the line. Trout fishing is a safe bet, or fly fishing for carp on a small coarse lake; That’ll certainly get their hearts racing seeing the rubbery lips of a carp take their surface fly. The rest is up to them – they’ll either be completely obsessed on the first occasion and if they’re not you’ll have to try harder to make fishing fun for them.

3) Take a picnic

Make a day out of it. Don’t fish all day and not do anything else. You have to mix the day up and keep kids from getting bored during fishing. As soon as you can see a glimpse, change things up or sit down and have a rest alongside some food and drinks. If you take their favourite food they will relate the day out on the riverbank as a treat not a chore. Not that that’s a bribe in any way!

4) Make a meal of it

If you catch a stocked trout, why not take it home with you and cook up a storm? All you need to do is watch a YouTube video of someone gutting a fish, if you don’t know how to do this already. Add some salt and pepper, lemon, paprika, soy sauce and whatever else you have to hand and get your child involved in the preparation and cooking process. Children love this kind of thing, especially if it is something they caught and helped cook. Getting kids excited about fishing relies on letting them be as involved in the process as possible. There’s no doubt, when they go back to school, they’ll show all their friends what they’ve been up to at the weekend and maybe their friends will tell their parents that they’d like to go fishing too.

5) Buy them their own kit

You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds. Why not buy them a starter kit including a rod, reel and line that won’t burst the bank if it snaps?  If you add a personalised touch with anything at that age it will help with getting kids excited about fishing. It’s not about force-feeding them something they don’t want to do, but encouraging them. If they don’t want to hit the water straight away and use their new shiny rod, be patient. As long as you prepare yourself with a fun-filled day there is no reason they won’t enjoy it and not come back for more. Personalize these 5 tips to get your kids to love fishing with their favorite foods or types of games for the best time ever!

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