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On the Beat: Timsbury 5

Written by: Jodie Lindop

On Thursday 9th August, we enjoyed a day of fly fishing at our Timsbury beat and were joined by a range of special guests, including Orvis Ambassador Marina Gibson @marinagibsonfishing, Nick Parker @hampshireriverkeeper, Phil Parker @redneckriverkeeper, Rob Thompson @hampshire.bass.nut, Oscar Boatfield and Nell Wharton from @boatonflyfishers, directors of CHALK Bedrock of Flyfishing, Leo and Chris from @chalkstreamfly, Nick Weston from game and cookery school @huntergathercook and Dannielle Norman, blogger and founder of @getoutgirluk.


The London Fly Fishing Fair 2018

On Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th March, the Business Design Centre, Islington, opened its doors to welcome an entourage of enthusiastic angling experts and novices alike. The crowds had flocked from both near and far, bringing with them an air of eager anticipation and excitement. The clock struck 9.00, the time was upon us! We at Orvis were thrilled to join the other exhibitors as we manned our stand at London’s second ever annual Fly Fishing Fair.


The Cosmic Balance

That trout is a story.
That trout is a story I want to share with you.
I will try to be brief but hey, that’s a fishing story right?!

Back in the days I was in a wonderful beat of a stunning stream in Trentino, a breathtaking Dolomitic Region in North-Eastern Italy.
I was guiding a fellow angler and we were having such a great time.


On your Marks:

For many mid March heralds the start of the brown trout season on rivers and streams. Given our current weather trends it looks as though opening day is set to be a chilly one. Even for those whose season is delayed until April, it’s not unusual to experience icy weather well into spring. Understandably, many will be keen to open their innings using a dry fly and despite the Arctic blast there’s every likelihood of this.