Check the Chip Day: Is Your Dog in the Microchip Database?

Written by: John Teaford

One in three dogs will become lost at some point, and we want them to find their way home. Your dog’s microchip is a proactive way to ensure a happy ending for a wandering pet, but the chip is effective only if the information recorded on it is current. That’s the idea behind Check the Chip Day, falling on August 15 of each year.

Pet microchips are only as reliable as the information they carry; any time a pet owner’s contact information changes, the pet’s microchip should be updated. Check the Chip Day is a reminder for pet owners to consider whether their own information (address, mobile phone number, etc.) has changed in the past year. Check the Chip Day is also a reminder to schedule annual checkups when your veterinarian can update information in the microchip database, confirm that the chip is causing no health problems or discomforts for your pet, and update chip batteries if needed.

How to Find Your Pet’s Microchip Number

In order to update a pet’s microchip information, pet owners need to know the identification number of that microchip. Pet microchip numbers are often listed beneath barcodes on numerous documents in your pet’s records:

● Veterinary records
● Pet passport
● Pet insurance document
● Certificates from the pet microchip database

When you go searching for a chip number, it’s helpful to know what it may look like. Valid pet microchip numbers can vary in length and content, and may include the following formats:

● 15 digit number – e.g. 977200000000000
● 10 digit number – e.g. 111111112A
● 9/13 digit number – e.g. AVID*012*345*378

The number might also include the letters ISO, FDXA, FDXB, FECAVA.

How to Update Your Pet’s Microchip Information

Pet owner information is recorded and saved by the microchip’s manufacturer. To update pet registration information, owners must access (or create) their account with the chip manufacturer. Pet owners who do not know their pet’s microchip manufacturer can look it up through the PETtrac Microchip Database.

Naturally, your veterinarian can make changes to your pet’s microchip information. Check the Chip Day is just a way to remind you to make that appointment, to take your dog to the vet, and to update any new information. That’s how we can help all wandering dogs find their way home.


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