Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Written by: Isobella Ash

Orvis is proud to be celebrating #BringyourDogToWorkDay. Currently, as many of us in the UK are working from home due to the circumstances, every day is Bring Your Dog To Work Day. However, as a company committed to having dogs in the workplace, the ethos behind this day really resonates with the brand and its employees.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day was established in 2014 by ethical pet company HOWND and is an annual nationwide event that raises money and awareness for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs.

Thousands of businesses and dog owners join in the fun in what has become a celebration of taking your dog to work. Orvis celebrate this every day. The two official charities this year are All Dogs Matter and Animals Asia.

Olive: A Joy At The Office

Olive belongs to our Human Resources Assistant, Poppy Adkins. She actually found Olive through working at Orvis and loves now having her in the office. I must admit the rest of the office loves her too.

“I heard about Olive through a customer whilst working in Orvis Stockbridge, I guess you could say it was meant to be. I followed Pippa’s (Olive’s mum’s) journey through pregnancy and was given regular updates. It was at 4 weeks old that we first met and ultimately chose the little puppy with the orange collar. Olive has been a perfect addition to my family. She’s fun, outgoing, playful, and energetic but her endless patience (especially with the children) and unconditional love she has for us all is what makes her so special and irreplaceable.”

Poppy Adkins

Beau: A Nap In The Office

This little beauty is Beau. She belongs to Alana Shaw, our Allocation Analyst who refers to her as the offices’ laziest dog. Alana rescued Beau from the RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Woking.

“I initially went to see a long-haired chihuahua but when I got there Beau was the only one left. As soon as I met her I fell in love, we walked her with my family dog and then I sat for 6 hours to wait for paperwork to be accepted because I didn’t want to leave her in a kennel on firework night!

Beau is always hungry and sleepy, she is obsessed with her doughnut toy and can’t sleep without her bunny teddy “bun buns”. She is hilarious! She screws her nose up and wags her tail so quickly when you ask her to do her “happy nose”. Beau is normally in her bed when in the office under her blanket snoring or round by Helen sitting patiently waiting for some of her sandwiches!”

Alana Shaw

Ash: A Pal In The Office

Ash’s owner is Gemma Wilcock, Manager of our Harrogate store. Ash is very much a part of the Orvis family and even goes along with the staff on nights out!

“We have had Ash from a puppy and he came from Mekoro Labradors. We named him Ash as he is pale and the colour of ash wood. When he was 6 months old we started his gun dog training with Sinead Wilkinson, she taught us how to train our dogs to work in the field.

Ash is a very keen and active working dog, quick to learn and very enjoyable to have out on shoot days. At work he sits quite happily in the office in his Orvis bed, relaxing after an hour’s walk in the morning and then we pop out at lunch for a walk. He is everyone’s best pal here and he even comes out to dinner with us on staff nights out!

Gemma Wilcock

Maisy: A Hard Worker In The Office

You have likely seen Maisy modelling in many Instagram posts by Orvis London but she actually belongs to Emily Lambert our Junior Buyer. In our office, Maisy can often be found on Emily’s lap as she works.

“We actually got Maisy from a friend six years ago, we house sat for their farm for a couple of weeks, which came with six four-week-old puppies and their mum! Maisy was the runt of the litter, she was about half the size of everyone else and the only pup with speckles on her nose! We took her home after house sitting and the first night she cried for hours in the kitchen; so I threw the mattress down the stairs and slept in there with her, pretty much until she was old enough to sleep at the end of our bed.

She’s obsessed with having her tummy rubbed and if you saw her on the street you’d think she was a complete princess but she’s grown up on farms and around sheepdogs; I’m pretty sure she thinks she is one! She’s first in the brambles, water throughs, and loves to ride on tractors and quad bikes! She loves coming into the office with all the attention she gets, but she’s definitely an outside dog. At literally five o’clock on the dot I’ll get a paw tap as a reminder to go home.”

Emily Lambert

Dalton and Hudson: When A Grumble Means Happiness

These two perfect Pugs belong to Cat West our Head of Retail. They follow her everywhere and are always up for a cuddle with anyone in the office. In fact if you leave the office they almost say goodbye with their little barks.

Dalton was the first dog that I have ever had and the first co-dog with my husband. We were both 100% set on having a little boy pug. After a couple of broken-heart experiences with breeders letting us down at the last minute, my husband Milo found Dalton and suggested we go and see him. I can tell you it was love at first sight for all three of us. My heart melted the moment I saw his big brown soft eyes and tiny paws. When I lifted him for a cuddle that was it. Game, set & match. He was coming home.

To decide on a name we sat in a pub garden shouting out names in a doggy tone as though we were calling the name across a park. We are a big film household so we finally settled on Dalton after Patrick Swayze’s character in Road House. Our puppy looked pretty lean and handsome – just like Patrick Swayze! Dalton is scared of pretty much anything and will hide behind me to protect him. He is also however still prone to mad moments and loves running around and playing with other dogs. He is always by my side or on my husband’s lap. I love this about him, it makes my heart melt daily. He’s super snugly and will fall asleep upside down in my arms – a real baby.

After a year or so, we started to talk about a second dog although Dalton normally has company, we thought he might prefer to have a little friend to play with and to cuddle up to at all times. 2 years in and it just so happened that Dalton’s original owner got in touch and told me that Dalton’s little sister Nancy was having puppies. How could we not have one of those puppies? I went to see the puppies who were only weeks old and we fell in love with a huge puppy that resembled a fluffy teddy. The naming process continued. Another of our favorite films in Aliens and one of the marines in the film is called Hudson he was played by Bill Paxton who had sadly passed away so it seemed like a great pick.

He’s a totally different character to Dalton with boundless energy and a thirst for exploration. Hudson also loves stones a little too much and will go in search of the biggest one he can find to bring inside and sit on the sofa with.

I’m super lucky because the boys can come to the office with me. Not only does this make their day – (they have the best time with cuddles, treats, smells, and being around humans all day), but it is such a wonderful environment to work in. I love seeing how happy they make others on a daily basis and, let’s face it, happy people are more productive.

We did find out that there is a collective noun for three or more pugs and its called a ‘grumble’. How could we not have a grumble?”

Cat West

 How Our Partners Do It: Zambuni

Bringing your dog to work is very close to the heart of Claire Zambuni. Moving back to London over 10 years ago now with her Border Terrier, Purdey, and working cocker spaniel, Lola she knew she wanted to have her dogs by her side every day. In fact, it was one of the driving forces for starting her own business and after two years of predominantly working from home, she set up Zambuni and started the hunt for a dog-friendly office close to a park. It was not simple then as dogs were not a regular fixture in the workplace. Finally, she found an office on Green Park where the pooches were welcome and the expanses of Green Park offered a lovely space to walk them during breaks. Lola especially became a girl about town and was known by name in many of the local bars and cafes. Lola had her own blog on the Zambuni website and an Instagram page to catalogue her adventures during the working week and weekend – her working day was even featured in an interview in The Times!

Claire’s new puppy Plum

“Everyone in the office loved walking Lola and after almost 7 years in Mayfair, Zambuni moved to another dog-friendly office in Maryle’bone’. Plum, a miniature wire-haired dachshund, arrived during lockdown so at the moment, we are all working from home, but one thing is for sure, this is a day close to our hearts and wherever we end up working whether, from home or a different space, the first thing on the list will be its dog-friendly credentials.

One of the criteria of being a Zambuni client was that you were a dog-friendly company and that ethos prevails today which is one of the reasons the relationship with Orvis works so well. There is a similar mindset there and there have now been many dog-centric events held in the Orvis stores where four-legged friends are allowed to bring their owners.”

Claire Zambuni

We have so many other Orvis dogs that haven’t been mentioned in this blog like Leo, Pepper, Charlie, Poppy and Cooper, the list goes on. We love all the dogs in our office and encourage other companies to welcome these lovable creatures into their workspace. The benefits explain themselves!

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