Am I Ready for a Puppy?

Written by: Jodie Lindop

Getting a puppy is both a huge commitment and change of lifestyle. It’s a decision that can bring many positives outcomes for an owner such as, a more active lifestyle, improved social skills and most of all, companionship.

To ensure that you are ready to take on the responsibility, here are four questions you should ask yourself before getting a puppy.

Can I afford the upkeep of a puppy?

The first crucial factor to consider is whether you can afford to have a puppy in the first place. As well as food, toys and general furnishings for your puppy, there are a number of ongoing expenses such as vet bills and insurance, which according to The Kennel Club “can cost roughly £25 a week.” Could you afford to support your puppy if he/she became ill or needed an operation? Although cute and adorable, puppies are expensive to look after.

Is my home the right environment?

Whether you’ve just moved into your first home and are itching to start your own life with the company of a furry friend, or simply want to add a new addition to your family home, space is an essential for bringing a puppy into your home. They will need plenty of room to run around and explore, as well as easy outdoor access for toilet training purposes.

In some scenarios you may also need to check your lease or mortgage agreement to see if a dog is allowed to live in your home.

Additionally, it’s important to think about who will be living in your home. For example, do you have young children? Depending on the age of your children they may not yet understand the right way to interact with a puppy for example, how gentle they should be. They may also run the risk of being bitten by your puppy whilst it’s in the stage of learning what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. Let’s face it, nobody wants an upset child, or a scared and confused pup for that matter.

Am I committed in the long run?

Can you make a lifelong commitment to a dog? According to The Kennel Club “A dog’s average life span is 12 years.” If you have plans to travel the world, or be away from home for long periods of time (e.g. for work), it may not be the right time for you to get a puppy.

Do I have the time?

Dogs require a lot of care and attention, especially puppies. Therefore, a lot of your time will be dedicated to raising your pup.

– Will someone be at home during the day to tend to the puppy? Dogs get lonely just like humans and can only hold their bladder for so long.
– Can you picture yourself taking your dog for walks every day, no matter what the weather?
– Will you have the time and patience to train, groom and generally care for your dog?
– Do you have children or hobbies that take up a large amount of your time?

Time is essential for bringing up a puppy. As the popular saying from Dogs Trust goes: “A Dog is For Life, Not Just for Christmas.”

If you have answered ‘NO’ to any of these questions, perhaps you should consider waiting until your circumstances change before getting a puppy. Don’t be disheartened though. Just because now isn’t the right time, doesn’t mean that it won’t ever be the right time.

In the meantime you can continue to enjoy fussing over dogs that belong to your family or friends and admiring those that you see when you’re out and about.

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About Jodie: Jodie starting working for Orvis UK in August 2016. As Digital Marketing Executive, she has the opportunity to be involved with a wide range of opportunities in the business. Her main responsibilities include managing the Orvis UK social media channels and blog, as well as providing support to the wider Marketing team. She has previously worked in a number of creative roles and has enjoyed writing from a young age, so is a regular contributor to the Orvis UK blog.


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