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A Poem to My Puppy: All The Excitement

Written by: Isobella Ash

Our European Account Manager Rachael Brady has been excited all week to collect and take home her fox red Labrador puppy, Edie. To channel this excitement into the virtual We Love Dogs Festival, Rachael wrote this poem to her new puppy. 

A Poem To My Puppy

Twas like the night before Christmas, when all through my home 
Everything was ready for the little one to roam. 
Under the stairs lay her new Orvis bed,  
Ready to be slept in by a little fox red.  

The bowls and toys are all laid out, 
all prepped for tiny teeth and a hungry snout. 
Lead and collar hung by the door,  
Travel crate and blanket below on the floor. 
Insurance is started, and she's registered with the vet, 
Cause security and health are key for our lil pet.  
The paperwork feels like such a giant mound, 
But the microchip is a necessity for this little hound. 
And although we feel nervous, upstairs in our beds,  
We lay with excitement and ideas in our heads. 
Of trips to the river, and long walks from the house, 
Learning to swim and hunting for grouse 
This little floof will be a working man's friend 
Though I'm sure at first she'll drive round the bend 
With rivers jumped in, just as the fish rise, 
But can you stay mad at those puppy eyes? 
Oh the fun we'll have, through the day and night 
Snuggled up by my feet as I switch off the light  
We'll say “no definitely not” to her sleeping on the bed, 
But those conversations will be soon hastily unsaid! 
As the morning approaches, anticipation is rife. 
My nerves are unreal, the start of a new life! 
I patiently wait in the car as we drive, 
The miles tick by and I'm ready to dive, 
Straight to the pup that is coming home with me, 
This small Labrador just feels me with glee!  
We will bring her home, and show her to friends 
This little doggo will be loved to the ends 
I will tell everyone, be quick, be speedy, 
Have your cuddle but don’t be greedy. 
I know I sound rash and come across needy 
But I just want to hold close, my little Edie.

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