Choosing the Right Coat for Spring

Written by: Sondra Wolfer

From Holyrood Park to Hyde Park, the first cheery signs of spring have arrived in the UK. Blooming crocuses, chirping birds, and warming sunshine are in abundance, and particularly welcome after our frigid visit from the polar vortex this winter. Now’s the time to emerge from layers meant to ward off frosty winds. But it’s also a fickle season when rain showers can come on suddenly, and temperatures vacillate between crisp reminders of winter and inviting tastes of the summer ahead. What’s the best women’s spring jacket for this highly variable season?

The Best Women’s Spring Coat is:


With this tough winter behind you, you’re probably through letting the weather keep you indoors. With a waterproof spring jacket on hand, you know you’re prepared for changeable conditions whether running errands, wingshooting, or going on a walk in the countryside. Choosing a waterproof coat of superior quality will ensure you remain dry during light showers and sudden downpours. A waxed cotton jacket offers traditional elegance along with protection from the rain. Consider selecting a hooded jacket or one with a hood you can stow away on dry days.


Whether they are gales or gentle breezes, nippy springtime winds can make you feel cold fast. Luckily, most waterproof jackets promise a level of protection from the wind and will serve you well in many conditions. Most lightweight jackets with a tight weave are also going to afford wind protection, with an extra buffer offered by a liner if the jacket has one. A coat with a drawstring at the waist will keep your core warm when cool gusts blow wildly, whilst giving the jacket a shapely silhouette.


You don’t want to feel constrained or overheated by a bulky puffer coat in spring. Whilst taking in the scenery on a park bench or enjoying the first cappuccino of the season at an outdoor cafe, you should feel refreshingly unencumbered. Thankfully there are many sleek spring coats, such as a classic diamond quilted jacket, that will keep you warm if the temperature dips, without weighing you down. On days that take a chilly turn, you can always layer a women’s gilet or zip-front hoodie beneath your spring coat to keep your core warm. Field coats and lightweight travel jackets are not only smart choices for vacations, they also make a wonderful springtime outer layer. The ample pockets these coats offer give you the freedom to leave your bag at home if you choose.


What’s fashionable at this moment is as changeable as the seasons. Choosing a high-quality, traditional women’s spring coat will guarantee you have a stylish option ready to go when the warmer weather arrives, year after year. Classic neutrals, such as khaki and navy, also go with everything and are simplest to accessorise when you feel the urge to change things up. But a lovely, vibrant colour can add a pleasing pop to spring looks with ease.

One final quality to consider is breathability. With a breathable spring jacket , you’ll enjoy each and every pleasant breeze on offer. But whichever spring jacket you choose, its most important virtues are the ones that help you feel confident and prepared enough to adventure outside, no matter the weather.

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