4 Reasons You Need A Memory Foam Dog Bed

Written by: Isobella Ash

Whether you are in the market for a dog bed for anxiety, a dog bed for arthritis, or just the most comfortable dog bed on the market, a memory foam dog bed is the way to go. Memory foam was originally invented by NASA as a way to help astronauts deal with the impact and turbulence of space travel. Now its open-cell design is able to support a dog’s body shape and weight distribution for the best sleep ever! Here are the 4 reasons you need a memory foam dog bed: 

1. Support Your Dog’s Joints

Memory foam is a great option to look at when choosing a dog bed for arthritis. Since memory foam dog beds conform to body shape, your dog’s muscles and joints will be able to rest in natural positions. Your dog won’t have to continuously adjust themselves for comfort because the mattress will adjust for them! Memory foam also takes stress off of your dog’s bones, making it the perfect material for a dog bed for older dogs.

2. Improve Your Dog’s Overall Health

While joint, muscle, and bone support are great in a dog bed for older dogs or dogs with arthritis, they can benefit a dog at any stage of life. Improving your dog’s overall health is one of the 4 reasons you need a memory foam dog bed that applies to everyone with a dog. If your dog’s body is supported at each stage of growth, they will be able to stay active and playful that much longer. Why not try a memory foam dog bed for your puppy to get started on the right foot? 

With memory foam beds your dog also won’t need to shift as much to get comfortable in their sleep. Less movement means better sleep and better sleep means your best friend is well-rested! The Orvis field collection memory foam bolster dog bed is great for getting your dog a good-night’s sleep, reducing pressure-points, and improving circulation. As a bonus it comes with a water-resistant liner for easy cleaning!

 3. Comfort Your Dog With Anxiety

In the wild, dog’s naturally seek out and create a den. This den creates a sense of safety and security and provides a place for them to rest. Because dog’s ‘sink’ into memory foam they feel more surrounded and safe. As we mentioned earlier, memory foam dog beds can help your dog get a better night’s rest. This is especially true for dogs with anxiety that tend to have very restless sleep. The Orvis memory foam wraparound dog bed with fleece combines the best of both worlds. It’s den-like silhouette creates wrap-around security and helps increase the calming effect of the memory foam mattress. This makes it the perfect memory foam dog bed for anxiety. Bonus: This one also comes with a water-resistant liner!

4. Memory Foam Makes For The Most Comfortable Dog Bed

The last of the 4 reasons you need a memory foam dog bed is simple; comfort! When you’re looking for a new mattress for yourself, your first concern is whether or not you’ll be comfortable. Why should it be any different when choosing a dog bed for your best friend? A memory foam dog bed ensures that your dog will be comfortable every time they take a rest. Most reviewers of memory foam dog beds say that once their dogs get on, they can’t get them off. Choose the most comfortable dog bed your best friend will love! Choose a memory foam dog bed. 

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