3 Ways to Style a Shirt

Written by: Jodie Lindop

With Autumn just around the corner, the days are getting shorter and the air is getting colder, but most of all, the long-sleeved clothing season is now in full swing. One wardrobe staple you can always count on for this time of year is your long-sleeved shirts. They can be dressed up, or dressed down, depending on your occasion. Here are our favourite ways to style a shirt:


Pair your shirt with your favourite pair of jeans for a smart/casual look. Choose a pair of skinny/slim fit jeans in darker colour, such as navy or black for an easy, relaxed style.

Adventure Ready

As an alternative to jeans, for your next adventure in the great outdoors, you could opt for styling your shirt with a pair of Chinos, Khakis or Stretch Twill Trousers. Ensuring you are comfortable for the long and winding road.

Layering: Practical Warmth

As the colder months begin to make an appearance, layering is a great way to keep warm, whilst still being able to sport your favourite shirt. Pair your shirt with a pullover jumper, waistcoat or gilet for stylish warmth. A V-neck style is also a great option for keeping your top button on display to reveal more of your shirt. What’s great about layering is that you can look sharp whilst having the option to take layers off or put them back on, without having to head home to change.

As for colours, you can choose similarities between the shirt and top layer, such as two tones of the same colour, e.g. a light blue shirt and dark blue waistcoat, however you could also choose a complete contrast, such as colourful red shirt, paired with a navy jumper. If you decide to go for one or two more colourful items in your outfit, to pull everything together, we’d recommend making sure the rest of your outfit is slightly more muted, so that your star assets can truly shine.

About Jodie: Jodie starting working for Orvis UK in August 2016. As Digital Marketing Executive, she has the opportunity to be involved with a wide range of opportunities in the business. Her main responsibilities include managing the Orvis UK social media channels and blog, as well as providing support to the wider Marketing team. She has previously worked in a number of creative roles and has enjoyed writing from a young age, so is a regular contributor to the Orvis UK blog.

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