How to Wear a Summer Scarf

Written by: Sondra Wolfer

Wearing a scarf in summer can feel antithetical to the season. You just ditched the layers, after all, and it feels delicious simply to throw on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt before heading out. You’ve vowed you won’t go back to bundling until the first frost. But as the warm months wear on you may find yourself getting bored with summer’s pared-down styles. If so, lightweight scarves are the easiest fix. They add colour and contrast without adding weight or warmth. And lightweight scarves fit easily in your bag when you go from the outdoor heat to air conditioning. Whether you opt for solids, stripes, or pretty prints, scarves refresh your summer wardrobe in an instant. Here are some ideas for styling this footloose and fancy-free look:

Classic Summer Scarf Looks

The French—Parisians in particular—are rarely without a scarf in any season, so we’ll turn to them first for some inspiration. The French twist is an easy scarf tie that adds a woven texture to your look. To make a French twist, fold your scarf in half long ways and put it around your neck with the loop end slightly higher than the loose ends. Thread one loose end through the looped end leaving some room in the loop below. Twist this remaining loop once to create a separate opening through, which you’ll thread the other loose end of the scarf.

The loop is another classic scarf style that works for any occasion. With an infinity scarf, the loop is built in. Wear it long by putting it over your head like a necklace or loop it once for a fuller style near your neckline. Either way it’ll add welcome brightness to your ensemble. To create a loop with a regular scarf, simply tie the loose ends together to create a circle.

Finally, wear a long printed scarf looped once around your neck, with the ends hanging down in front. This traditional look adds becoming colour near your face and across your outfit as a whole.

Summer Scarf Looks for Work

Bring unexpected style to the morning meeting by tying a printed silk handkerchief scarf in a bow beneath the collar of a solid, button-up shirt. Another work-ready look is draping a long, thin scarf around your neck and tying the loose ends in a knot. Placing the knot closer to your neck mimics a tie, whilst a lower knot offers a relaxed, boho-chic look and pairs perfectly with a loose dress or a maxi skirt.

Bring cowboy-chic style to work with this scarf tie: fold a small, square scarf once to create a triangle. Tie two corners around your neck and leave the third corner hanging down in front to form a triangle of bright colour that banishes the summer doldrums.

Mod Summer Scarf Looks

Cool and chic summer looks are incredibly easy with lightweight scarves. Here’s a lightning round of laid-back scarf ideas:

● Tie a scarf around the brim of a floppy sun hat.
● Substitute a printed scarf for a belt.
● Use a scarf as a headband with a visible bow or understated knot at the nape of your neck.
● Wear a scarf spread across your back and knotted in front like a cape.
● Wrap a silk scarf multiple times around your wrist and tie.

The key to wearing a summer scarf is keeping it simple. This should be an effortless affair. Don’t spend too much time styling a complicated knot or worrying over the perfect print—summer is too short.

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